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    Iwa: Finally SMA/SMK Teachers' Sallaries are Ready


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government has acknowledged the delay in giving sallaries for SMA/SMK teachers whether they are civil cervants or honorary employees. The delay is due to un-finish administration process since the management has been switched from regional government into provincial government.

    Provincial Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa said that the delay of delivering sallaries happened in January until March. According to him, the swithing process of management of SMA/SMK from regional government into provincial government is not easy, especially in this transition period.

    The new regulation from Ministry of Home Affairs was considered affecting the process. The regulation has changed system of delivering sallaries that previously was controlled by regional government, now the budget has been managed directly by Department of Education of West Java.

    "So the budget is in Department of Education in West Java, that will be divided into Balai, then from Balai, it will be distributed to schools," Iwa said in Bandung, Thursday (4/20). In his opinion, schools are still not familiar to handle the administration.

    That condition contributes the delay of processing sallaries for SMA/SMK teachers. Moreover, according to him, National Civil Service Agency (BKN) needed times to do administration process of transition of educational staffs.

    "The process is from BKN, and not from us. So there will be some delay. There should be a base for sallary, which is decree (SK) from BKN. If it is published, then we pay their sallaries," he said.

    However, he made sure, that until recently the problem had been solved, and sallaries had been distributed. Iwa also promised that it would not happen in the future.

    "We receive directly the order from the Head of Department of Education in West Java and financial manager. So starting from today, it will be gradually distributed, whether it is sallary for civil servant teachers, or for certification," he said while mentioned other things besides sallary that is late to be given, there are Additional Employee's Fee (TPP) and certification.

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