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    Free Transportation for Homecoming, Dishub Targeted Motorcycle


    BANDUNG-Department of Transportation (Dishub) of West Java targeted the composition of homecoming flow in this year is 70:30. It means that homecomers who ride motorcycles are 70%, meanwhile others who use busses are 30%.

    "Yesterday we have discussed it and now it is during ULP process for doing tender, and many more. The route is from Sukabumi, Bekasi and Bandung via South and North ways," the Head of West Java Dishub, Dedi Taufik said to reporters in Bandung, Thursday (4/20/17).

    Dedi explained during ied homecomers by riding motorcycle always experienced increasing. For that reason, his parties have prepared 80 units of busses to reduce riders.

    "The busses are 80 units, so the number is increase than last year that was only 25 busses," he revealed.

    Dedi explained that there were 3 departure locations of free transportation for homecoming which were in Bandung City, Bekasi City, and Sukabumi City. Averagely the destination is in North and South regions.

    "The last time, there were some people who were going to Solo via Semarang, then from Bandung, there are some who used south road via Ciamis to Solo. It is expected like that,"

    West Java Dishub also has prepared rest points while ied homecing in this year such as in Subang, Indramayu, Baypass Cirebong Ring Road because there is Bailey that will be used as a rest area.

    Moreover, Dedi continued, his parties also proposed to Ministry of Transportaion to make a weighbridge as a rest area point since distance and time for homecoming is hardly predicted and also the number of vehicle also increase without any additional roads.

    "We have prepare rest area points. We propose some weighbridges at this time that the function of it is shifted to be rest area," he said.

    Department of Transportation of West Java will also cooperate with Indonesian Stete-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) through CSR activities so that free homecoming can be known by many citizens. For further information, do visit West Java Dishub's website http://dishub.jabarprov.go.id/inc/data/pengumuman/13 

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