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    RZ and BJB Support to Fund for Pidie Jaya Citizens' Businesses


    BANDUNG - Through Jabar Cares program, Rumah Zakat along with BJB distributes business funds to earthquake victims in Pidie Jaya, Aceh. The grants are provided to four beneficiaries who get capital of IDR 2.5 million each.

    "The financial aid is aimed to help and revive the economy of Pidie Jaya residents after the earthquake last December. Since after the earthquake, there are many people whose business are forced to stop," said Izzatul Yazid, a volunteer of Rumah Zakat, Wednesday (04/19).

    One of the beneficiaries, Rubiah (50) is now re-start selling goods and opening a stall in her home. Her business that has been started for a long time, had been halted by the earthquake.

    Besides her stall, the earthquake that happened four months ago also took her eldest daughter and her two grandchildren. Meanwhile, Rubiah's husband at this time has not recovered since he was hit by building collapse. Therefore, he has not been able to work and earn a living for his family.

    "Thank you to Rumah Zakat and BJB, may sustenance and bounty always be given to donors. May all donors and volunteers get the blessing, given the health and longevity," said Rubiah. jo

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