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    JADUP Assistance for 105 families of Huntara Residents


    SUMEDANG - A total of 105 families, which consists of 375 victims of natural disasters in Sumedang Regency, precisely in the village of Ciherang, Sumedang Selatan Sub district received Life Insurance (JADUP) and stuffing for Shelters or Temporary Residence (Huntara)/ Permanent Residence (Huntap) from Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, in the Hall of IPP Regional Secretariat of Sumedang Regency, Wednesday (04/19).

    Regent of Sumedang, H. Eka Setiawan had an opportunity to provide such assistance symbolically in the form of bank account for JADUP funds and financial assistance for residents of Huntara accompanied by the Head of Social, Women Empowerment and Child Protection Department of Sumedang, representatives of Regional leader communication forums (Forkompinda), residents of Huntara Sakurjaya, and other related parties.

    The Regent said that the cheque given by the Ministry of Social Affairs amounted to IDR 652,500,000 (Six Hundred Fifty-Two Million and Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah). For JADUP, each person gets IDR 10,000 (Ten Thousand Rupiah) for the next 90 days, plus a grant of IDR 3,000,000 (Three Million Rupiah) for each household that is aimed for the procurement of household equipment. "Hopefully, the help from the Central Government can be used by all of you for daily purposes, and also to fulfil household stuff in your own houses", said Eka.

    According to Eka, the aid was given to help to alleviate the burden of natural disaster victims. "I hope these funds can be used as well as possible, these funds are saved in the Bank, for your savings, for everyday expenses, for the school tuition cost of your children, and for other urgent needs," he explained.

    Furthermore, it was explained by the Regent that in 2017 the Regional Government will build Permanent Residence (Huntap) for the residents of Huntara. The Permanent Residence will be built in the village of Margalaksana, Sumedang Selatan Sub-district. "Hopefully this year, we will build Huntap (Permanent Residence), located in Margalaksana village, it's not too far from your previous residence. Inshaa Allah, it will be completed this year. I hope, the houses can be lived in by all of you," he said.

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