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    Taiwanese Businessmen Interested in Indramayu's Agriculture


    INDRAMAYU - Indramayu Regency as an agricultural region does not only attract Indonesian businessmen to invest, but also investors from Taiwan. It was known when some agro-culture businessmen visited and directly meet with Regent of Indramayu Hj. Anna Sophanah a few days ago in Pendopo Indramayu.

    The businessmen from Yeedon Enterprise Co.,Ltd were accompanied by KDEI or Indonesian Economics and Trade Office (IETO) to Taipei to meet with the Regent of Indramayu and present their interest in Indonesia's crops, especially rice. They even asked for 100 thousand tons of rice supply from farmers of Indramayu per year.

    Chairman of Yeedon Enterprise Co. Ltd, Mr.Chen explained, the high potential of agriculture in Indramayu Regency is a very attractive prospect for the company to make investment in the agricultural field. The investment is a form of support for plasma farmers or groups of farmers to undertake agriculture. Therefore, their products will be bought by Yeedon Enterprise with a higher price.

    "We'll establish plasma farmers. They will be given a proper training with a prescribed standard, and we'll purchase their crops at a higher price. We believe it can improve the living standards of farmers in Indramayu," said Mr. Chen.

    Meanwhile, Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah through the Head of Communications and Public Information Department Nana Pasae said that on the wishes of Taiwanese businessmen, the Regency Government immediately responds that the prospective investors need to submit a proposal. Then, it will be processed by Regional Spatial Planning Coordination Board (BKPRD) of Indramayu Regency.

    "If the investors are serious, then they have to submit a proposal. This proposal is a basis for review of spatial regulation and other policies," said Nana. DENI SANJAYA / Communications and Informatics Department of Indramayu Regency.

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