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    Heavy Rain, Dozens of Trees in Bandung Fell Down


    BANDUNG - A heavy rain accompanied by strong winds occurred in Bandung City that caused dozens of falling trees in 53 points.

    Head of Housing and Settlement Area, Land and Landscape Department (DPKP3) of Bandung City, Arif Prasetya informed, until 6.00 pm it has been reported that there were 53 locations of fallen trees and broken branches.

    The fallen trees fell down and crushed eight four-wheeled vehicles and four houses.

    "There haven't been any reports of casualties or injured citizens. According to the latest report we received, the trees fell down and hit eight vehicles and four houses," he said.
    Arif further said that there were a number of fallen trees occurred in some locations, including on Turangga Street, Ibrahim Adjie Street, Ciliwung Street, Citarum Street, Dago Street and Talaga Bodas Street.

    Moreover, other locations also experienced a similar disaster. Heavy showers and strong winds also caused a big billboard near Antapani flyover to fall down. As a result, the traffic around the site was temporarily brought to a halt.

    An eyewitnesses, Tedy (27) informed the incident happened at around 2.00 pm. Fortunately, the huge billboard did not directly fall on the road in the area of Antapani flyover.

    "The billboard collapsed and it was obstructed by bridge construction," he said.

    According to him, residents who happened to be passing by the location then scrambled to find safe locations to shelter. "Many people ran and went to the underneath of flyover, especially motorcyclists," he said. (MAT)

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