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    Bandung Hit by Heavy Rains


    BANDUNG – A heavy rain accompanied by strong winds hit Bandung on Wednesday (04/19) afternoon. Although it only lasted about an hour from 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm, a number of roads in the city of Bandung were flooded by 'cileuncang' (street flooding).

    On the roads between intersections of Gatot Subroto to Laswi, there was reported to occur 'cileuncang' flood with a height of about 30-40 cm. It could be seen from the water which reached the wheels of cars up to the top. Severe traffic congestion also ensued on the roads.

    In addition to flooding, there were some fallen trees on Riau Street which cut some cables of telephone networks and electricity. The old fallen trees hit by strong winds covered most of sidewalk. Meanwhile, twigs have been removed from the roads by officers of landscape agency.

    Moreover, a car was also damaged due to collapsed canopies. Meanwhile, water also flooded a number of houses, as on some parts of Halimun Street. However, a number of police officers quickly responded to direct the traffic on some streets such as on Gatot Subroto and Riau Streets. jo

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