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    Demiz: Industrial Development is warned not to Threaten Agricultural Sector


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Province, Deddy Mizwar warned industrial development in West Java not to threaten agricultural sector. It was warned by Demiz, after opening Strategic Environmental Assessment Coordination Meeting (KSLH) of City/district at West Java Bapeda office, on Ir. H Juanda street, in Bandung, on Tuesday (18/4).

    "If the agricultural sector is plagued by the development of industry, the food security is threatened, what would happen?" he said.

    However Demiz recognizes that industrial development in West Java should also be supported as long as it does not threaten agricultural sector. Considering the replacement of airport Kertajati and industrial area of West Java region to the Eastern part of West Java according to him, should be discussed with a very mature assessment so that agriculture can remain secure.

    "If agricultural sector in the east is threatened, then what is Jatigende dam for? It would have no use. Therefore, agricultural land must be maintained" he said.

    Environmental Assessment Coordination Meeting was held to strengthen RPJMD of West Java Provincial areas.

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