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    Cultural Industry, Business Development Opportunity for Younger Generation


    BANDUNG-The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) is a keynote speaker and he opened Business Plan Seminar Competition that is held by Student Executive Board of Faculty of Technics of Bandung Islamic University (Unisba) at Unisba campus, on Tamansari Street Number 1, Bandung city, Sunday (4/16/2016). In front of hundred of the seminar's participants, Demiz revealed that there were 4 fields of big business field that would be an income of foreign exchange which were oils and gasses, coals and bio energy, palm oil, and cultural industry.

    Demiz explained that oils and gasses field had experienced decrease trend since world oil price fell. And likewise coals and bio energy, also palm oil, since the market prices also have experienced decrease trend.

    "I will explain what business that is developing right now. According to data, there are 4 incomes (foreign exchange) which is the biggest, and there are some tendencies that should be observed. First, oils and gasses but the tendency was decrease in few years ago because the world price oild fell down," Demiz revealed.

    "Second, coals and bio energy. It also has a tendecy will experienced decrease since the price fell down and also palm oils (the third). And the forth, foreign exchange is increase from cultural industry field. It has potential to be developed," he continued.

    Cultural industry recently becomes a focus, it also happens since the government has targeted foreign tourist arrivals reach 20 million in this year. Focusing tourism can be an opportunity in cultural industry or an industry culture or creativity based. Creative industry is really happening, especially among younger generation. There are culinary, fashion, art and culture, and many more.

    An industry art and culture based has big potential to be developed, especially in West Java. West Java has various culture and multi cultural, so that there are some big cultures that exist in West Java, which are Cirebone, Malay-Betawi, and Sunda.

    "Cultural-industry-based tourism. So tourism is not only about nature, but also how the cultural industry can be the strength of it. And West Java has all of it, much bigger than other provinces," Demiz said.

    To develop that industry, the infrastructures should be supported it. Demiz revealed that West Java Provincial Government would keep trying to facilitate and build supporting infrastructures. Therefore, West Java accelerate the construction of West Java International Airport (BIBJ) in Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, and also constructing 5 toll roads from development plan of constructing 20 toll roads.

    "If the construction of infrastructures are built slowly, so we cannot compete with global. The products cannot compete with others. And tourism will be distracted," Demiz said after opening the seminar.

    Moreover, West Java Provincial Government will keep encouraging the entrepreneurial development through various training programs and education. Started from 2013, West Java had scored 60 thousand of new businessmen that in 2018 it will increase up to 100 thousand businessmen. Another effort ease the financial access, such as giving credit through "Kredit Cinta Rakyat (KCR)" since 2011. KCR has given credit for IDR 385 billion with 13,400 customer that also involved more than 30,000 employees from business that its customers established.

    "This is the era of creative economu. So in this era, creative economy has growth as forth wave of world economy, ideas become matter than capital. Money will find where it is started," Demiz adviced in front of hundrend participants.

    "This is an era to be a businessman, since the opportunity is considered still big. Don't expect too much to be an employee although the opportunity is considered big," he concluded.

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