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    Demiz: Art as an Effective Medium for Da'wah


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) attended the Centenary of Pondok Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) Cintawana in Komplek Ponpes Cintawana, Singaparna Sub district, Tasikmalaya Regency, on Saturday (04/15/17). The event was held in a form of seminar on Art and Da'wah (Preaching) which discussed art as a medium for preaching.

    The media discussed in the seminar was focused on the discussion of literature and movie media. Therefore, in addition to Demiz, the seminar was also attended by best-selling novelist of 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta' and 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih', Habiburrahman El Shirazy.

    In his opening speech, Demiz explained that currently a lot of media can be used to preach, to spread and to share Islamic principles and knowledge. Demiz further said that even those media can more effectively penetrate the heart and mind of the recipients.

    One of them is art media. Art, both literature and movie, has become a medium for da'wah since a long time ago. Those media have been widely used by national kyai or ulama (leaders or scholars of Islam). Currently, da'wah media through art can be spread more effectively and easily via gadgets and Internet networks (social media), so that it can get into people’s privacy space.

    "There are many media that we can use for da'wah, including art. Art is a medium for da'wah, it can be used for something good or even something bad though. Art can be used as a medium in which its impact is very great," said Demiz in front of hundreds of students.

    One of the art media that can provide effective impact is movie. Demiz explained that movie is like "magic"; in one second it can move 25 frames, but can make the audience emotional (crying or laughing).

    "Movie is magic in quotation marks. This art is just a medium to deliver messages whether it is to preach or otherwise," said Demiz.

    The other thing is about the art in the field of literature. Through a written work, da'wah will be conveyed through words that would explain meaning or values. Various types of literary arts can be a medium of da'wah, such as poetry and novel.

    "Literature can convey the messages of virtue. For example, poetry is literature that can touch the feelings. Art (through literature or writings) effectively conveys meaning," said Demiz.

    Regarding the anniversary of Ponpes Cintawana on the 12th of April 2017, the school that is currently led by the sixth generation named K.H. Asep Ahmad Sujai Farid has reached the age of 100 years. The anniversary event was filled with various activities which began in January, such as workshop, national defence training, Tabligh Akbar, and the peak event in April was held for one week.

    The highlight of the celebration was filled with Istigosah Qubro by Arifin Ilham, a National Seminar on Islam and Food Security which was attended by Speaker of People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Zulkifli Hasan, donations for orphans, and a mass circumcision. Meanwhile, the event held on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 was filled with Seminar on Art and Da'wah and Ponpes Cintawana Alumni Reunion. The event was conducted in the form of seminar with the theme was: "Berdakwah dengan Pena, Menggali Sisi Spiritual dari Novel Fenomenal "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" dan "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" (Da'wah by Pen, Digging into the Spiritual Sides of Phenomenal Novels "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" and "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih"), which was attended by the author of the novels Habiburrahman El Shirazy, with an introduction was given by a veteran actor of this country and also Vice Governor of West Java at the same time, Deddy Mizwar. The centenary event of Ponpes Cintawana will be closed with the meeting of ulama (scholars) from all over Indonesia.

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