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    Governor Visits Location of the Damaged Pillars of Cipamingkis Bridge


    BOGOR - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) visits the location of Cipamingkis Bridge, accompanied by Head of Bina Marga Roads and Spatial Planning Agency (BMTR) of West Java Province, Guntoro and Head of Transportation Agency (Dishub) of West Java, Dedi Taufik, on Saturday (15/04/17) afternoon.

    Since yesterday, the officials of BMTR and Transport Agency have intensively conducted observation to tackle the problem of bridge which subsided by 1.5 m.

    The Governor calls on the BMTR and the Transport Agency to immediately fix the problem, considering the Jonggol Street has become more than an alternative track.

    "I ask to tackle it as soon as possible. Regarding the budget, I think there’s no problem. I've monitored the team, since yesterday they have been intensively being in the location," said Aher.

    "BMTR Team recommends that the same handling of Cipamingkis Bridge will be the same as Cisomang Bridge, which is strengthening the pillars and girders if they're still solid. But if they aren't, then we will create both new pillars and the girder," said Aher.

    On the same occasion, the Head of BMTR, Guntoro added, "As in the regional budget, there has been a stand-by allocation for Cipamingkis bridge repairs, which is approximately IDR 7 billion, so I think there is no problem. We will fix it soon, hopefully within three months it is already finished."

    "Yesterday there was an idea about bailey, but after we observed it again, it turns out to be impossible. The bridge spans which is up to 90 is certainly too long, so we will focus on handling the pillars and the girder," he informed.

    Head of West Java Transportation Agency, Dedi Taufik was also present at the location and explained about temporary traffic diversion that has already been done. It is from Cileungsi to Cariu/Cianjur via Cibucil-Cibarusah-Jagatamu-Cariu and vice versa. Currently, the Cipamingkis Bridge can be traversed only for small vehicles.

    "The traffic of big vehicles will be temporarily diverted, it will turn round slightly indeed. We've put up the signs, for non-bus small vehicles can pass through Ciipamingkis," explained Dedi Taufik.

    Cipamingkis Bridge was built in 1985. A few days ago, it subsided due to the brunt of heavy water flow. A similar incident in West Java also occurred on the national bridge in Pangandaran a while ago. The cause is the same, which is the water flow pressure due to heavy rainfall.

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