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    Jatigede Festival Attended by Minister of Tourism


    SUMEDANG - Jatigede Festival 2017 was held in Tanjung Duriat, Pajagan village, Cisitu Sub-district on Saturday (04/15). The event was attended by Minister of Tourism, Dr.Ir.Arief Yahya, M.Sc.; Regent of Sumedang, H. Eka Setiawan; a member of the House of Representatives Commission XI, Doni Ahmad Munir; officials of Sumedang Government; representatives of Muspida (Council for Local Government); Head of Sub-district; Heads of Villages; Rosa, as an ambassador for tourism; and also other related elements.

    The event began with the start of "Trail Adventure Batras" followed by 20 thousand participants. The event went very well filled with great enthusiasm of people that came to join the event.

    On the occasion, the Regent Eka expressed his gratitude for the presence of the Minister of Tourism in Sumedang. It was, according to Eka, an honour and pride for the people of Sumedang. Eka explained that Jatigede is a reservoir built for the welfare of Sumedang people in the future. "Jatigede Reservoir can irrigate by 90 thousand hectares of fields and generate 2x25 megawatts electric power", said Eka.

    According to Eka, Jatigede Reservoir is expected to continue to develop and have a lot of potential places that will directly provide welfare for the people of Sumedang. Eka said that it can become tourist destinations in Indonesia. "The advancement of West Java is also contributed by Sumedang. Therefore, I hope that the local government of Sumedang will continue to carry out their work, both to bring welfare to the public, as well as to encourage the development of Indonesia in general.

    Thank you for the support of Mister Minister and the officials. Regarding the condition of Sumedang people who are affected by the construction of Jatigede, there are as many as 12 thousand Heads of Household. Most of them are relocated to the area around Jatigede scattered in 13 different points. There are still many aspects that we need to fix, such as infrastructure, economic empowerment and so on. Again, I hope that with the presence of the Tourism Minister here, it can help people of Jatigede in particular, and the people of Sumedang to get up and become more advanced regency", said Eka.

    The Minister of Tourism said that the convening of Jatigede festival, could be one of the ways for developing tourism destinations in Jatigede. According to him, the development of destinations can be realized through the existence of attractions, access, and amenities. According to Arief, the command of the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding Jatigede problem is to create a well-prepared master plan first. It is done to build Jatigede tourism area in a planned and organized manner.

    "As a form of realization of these activities, there will be four villages that will be made as model. These villages, we will make them as the model for the construction of a tourist village, including water tourism, culinary tourism, handicrafts, as well as fashion tour. For the next plan, we will hold Rakornas at village level, then it will be proposed to the village in order to produce an excellent product.

    Sumedang is very lucky since it is relatively close to the international airport in West Java which will be completed in 2019. When it's completed, the central government will automatically undertake destination to improve the road that indeed I consider it as less eligible for access to tourist attractions. Then, I will also contact Perhutani, and I will invite them to build an economic tourism area of forestry in Sumedang. I would like to ask the 4 villages to become a model, and it will be implemented this year. It is expected to build a creative economy so that people can prosper," he explained.

    At the end of the event, the Minister of Tourism set the Jatigede festival to be an annual event. It is viewed by Arief as significant for the development of Sumedang.

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