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    Pillars of Cipamingkis Bridge Subside, Provincial Government to Resolve it Immediately


    BANDUNG – West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) has instructed the officials of Bina Marga Roads Agency to be responsive to the subsidence of Cipamingkis Bridge/Jagaita Jonggol Bridge in Bogor Regency.

    "Head of Bina Marga Roads and Spatial Planning Agency of West Java Province and officials, I instruct to conduct a responsive action, to do initial investigation on conditions in the location, and to recommend appropriate action," said Aher, at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (04/14/17).

    As reported that the pillars of the Cipamingkis bridge subsided due to floods and heavy water. The locations is in the km of 70,400 of Cipamingkis Bridge, Jonggol - Cariu Highway, Kp. Jagaita Rt. 03/02 Jonggol Village, Jonggol Sub district, Bogor Regency.

    Regarding the tackling plan, Aher informed that he is still waiting for recommendation made by the team. "The results of the field investigation by Binamarga, recommend handling which is almost the same as Cisomang Bridge. There will be handling to strengthen the pillars or build a new one, while small cars can pass through it," said Aher.

    Aher continued, "There is also proposal to construct a bailey temporary bridge, but of course we'll review it further. I just ask to tackle it immediately."

    Head of Bina Marga Roads and Spatial Planning Agency (BMTR) of West Java Province Guntoro, when being questioned by the Public Relations said that according to reports from the team, the condition of the bridge now has subsided 1.5 m. The bridge which was constructed in 1985 has a bridge spans measuring 30 m x 3 m = 90m, with concrete girder construction. 

    "The bridge is already 32 years old, the bridge span is also quite long which is 30 meters, from the outside there is water power which is heavy enough to press the pillars," he said.

    "We handle it immediately as instructed by Mr Governor, we select the best course of action, and the repairs period, of course, really depends on conditions in the field. Hopefully, in less than 6 months, it is already finished," concludes Guntoro.

    Head of West Java Transportation Department, Dedi Taufik informed the Cipamingkis Bridge / Bridge Jagaita Jonggol, Bogor Regency was known to split at about 11:00 pm.

    As informed that the fault might be caused by the flow of river water which was relatively heavy and scraped one of the bridge pillars in the middle section. Thus, it resulted in a shift on the pillars.

    "Since the pillars shifted, it made the bridge broke on the middle part connection," he said.

    The impact, according to the report, is the road access between Jonggol - Cianjur was cut off.

    Dedy further said that there will be temporary traffic engineering conducted. The track from Cileungsi to Cariu will be diverted via Cikarang and from Cariu to Jonggol will be diverted via Karawang. There were no casualties in the incident.

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