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    The Use of Sambiloto-based Herbs Medication


    BANDUNG- Professor of Unpad Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Jutti Levita, M.Sc. mentioned many benefits of sambiloto Herbs plants. It has now become one of the discussions among Professors in their speeches in the Field of Molecular Pharmacology at Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University.

    Prof. Jutti read scientific oration entitled "Looking for COX-2 inhibitors from Sambiloto plants: A Roadmap Model of Molecular Pharmacology Research".

    "Even though the target of drug action at this time is indicated towards DNA and DNA-RNA reactions, the conventional targets remain a very interesting research," said the woman who was born in Surabaya, April 9, 1963.

    The scientific paper representation by Prof. The jutti discusses the road map with a molecular pharmacology research work as the target using COX enzyme Sambiloto herbs as the model.

    Sambiloto herb is one of traditional medicinal materials widely used in Indonesia, and can be found in almost all islands of the archipelago.

    The search for COX-2 inhibitors is described through a model of andrographolide bicyclic diterpenoid compound, the main constituent of ambiloto herbs.

     "These compounds are easily absorbed, localized in inflammation center, and has a good bioavailability, thereby they are potential to be used as anti-inflammatory candidate," explained Prof. Jutti. jo

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