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    Provincial Government of West Java Encourages Entrepreneurs to Develop Halal Tourism


    BANDUNG-Various food products such as beverages, fashion, or halal travel services now become a trend among people in Indonesia and the world. This will be a great economic potential, because now not only halal products are consumed by Muslims, but also by non-Muslim communities.

    At the event of Sharia SMEs Bazar in West Java, that was held at Pusdai mosque, on Diponegoro street No. 63, Bandung, on Friday morning (04/14/17), Vice Governor of West Java Province Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said that the business opportunity is very large variety of Halal products. Thus, he highly appreciated the presence of businesses that are concerned with  sharia.

    Islamic business products are not only the needs of Muslims, but also the needs of a wide consumers with the increasing trend of global halal lifestyle. Demiz explained that in Global Islamic Economy Report 2015-2016, an estimated total expenditure in Muslim world 2014 in Halal food and beverage sector as well as lifestyle hit USD 1.8 trillion or about 11.6% of global market.

    Halal Food and Beverages sectors provide the largest contribution of USD 1,128 Billion or 17% of the total global market of USD 6755 Billion and is projected to grow 5.8% to reach USD 1,585 billion in 2020. The contribution of Traveling sector is USD 142 Billion and is projected to grow to reach USD 233 Billion.

    As for fashion sector, the contribution is USD 230 billion and is projected to grow to reach USD 327 Billion. Recreation and Media sector contributes USD 179 billion and is projected to grow to reach USD 247 Billion. Pharmaceuticals sector contributes USD 75 billion and is projected to grow to reach USD 106 Billion. The Cosmetics sector is accounted for USD 54 billion and is projected to grow to reach USD 80 Billion in 2020.

    "The prospects are good if we elaborate it. Well, I encourage all Sharia SMEs to continuously improve the quality of halal products, because the market opportunity for halal lifestyle.is very good. Even today, halal products are not only consumed by Muslims but also by non-Muslims, "said Vice Governor, Demiz in his speech.

    Demiz also claimed to be surprised because national Halal travel is not well developed, but its potential is enormous. In contrast to Singapore where halal travel business is much greater, according Demiz, entrepreneurs in Indonesia have not fully focused on the development of national halal industries.

    "Well, the funny thing is that halal tourism in Singapore is much bigger than halal tourism in Indonesia. What does it mean? Indonesian halal tourism is very great potential, yet it is not yet seriously considered. The chances are very great for anyone businesses, especially for the sake of halalan thoyyiban sharia principles," said Demiz.

    "The opportunity is still big. So we can explore the potential and cooperate with various parties, in order to improve, to make, to realize the potential of development to be based on Islamic economics," he continued.

    The potential of halal products is very good because it can meet the values, quality and security for consumtion. This is important because in the era of the current global food trade, food quality and safety become a necessity. Thus, the presence of Islamic business and halal products will be value-added products of local SMEs, as well as being an important force to compete in ASEAN Economic community and the broader global market.

    Demiz also advised entrepreneurs to continue to innovate utilizing the great opportunities of halal travel. Furthermore, Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus in which labor force (aged 15-64 years) will reach 70%. If Indonesia could take advantage of the momentum, then our country will become a global player (global player) or one of the five countries with the strongest economy in the world

    "The issue depends on us, if we do not continue to innovate, The Bonus Demographics will be lost, it will not happen. The unemployment will increase. If we manage to overcome it by developing entrepreneurs, in 2030 it is predicted by various international institutions, Indonesia will become a global player," Demiz explained.

    "Can we respond to the challenges? We must change the mind set of parents, especially for them to stop telling their children to be smart, finish school and continue to work, but to tell them to develop entrepreneurship, their business spirit, thus instead of becoming job seekers, they will employers, especially in the field of sharia," he concluded.

    Until now, West Java provincial government not only encourages SMEs through education and technical training, but also seeks to present a online business license, free halal certification of products, assistance of information and technology, management, marketing help through e-marketplace technology and West Java Enterprise.

    In addition, some time ago West Java provincial government also launched SMEs Ciroyom Market Mall, as well as Memorandum of Understanding with MASAGI elements of West Java for the development of SMEs in West Java.

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