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    In Cirebon Jokowi Hands Over Land Certificates


    CIREBON REGENCY - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar accompanied President Joko Widodo to hand over 1989 land certificates to people living in Cirebon, in the event of Land Certificates Handover, National Strategic Program, Coaching, Facilitation, and Access Reform Cooperation of West Java Province 2017, on the field of Ranggajati Stadium, Sumber, Cirebon Regency, on Thursday (04/13/2017).

    From the number of certificates issued, the most certificates have been got by residents of Kuningan Regency which are for 813 people. It was followed by 455 people in Cirebon Regency, 60 people in Indramayu, 74 people in Majalengka, 43 people in Cirebon City, 100 people in Ciamis, 130 people in Tasikmalaya City, 80 people in Tasikmalaya Regency, 100 people in Banjar, 100 people in Subang, and 44 people in Pangandaran.

    Now the owners of the certificates can breathe because they have a legal certainty over their lands. Besides, the certificate can be pledged to the Bank if they need funds for capital purposes.

    However, President Joko Widodo warns them not to put up their certificates as a collateral only for unproductive personal use.

    "With the certificate now it's safe, there are benefits as well. It's alright if you want to use it as a collateral as long as for productive matters," said President Jokowi while giving a speech.

    Jokowi said, previously the National Land Agency (BPN) issued as many as 500 thousand land certificates every year. This year, Jokowi's aim is that BPN will issue 5 million certificates per year.

    "Now the target is 5 million certificates must be provided, next year will be 7 million, the next two years 9 million should be given. This is my promise to the Minister of ATR/BPN. If it's not achieved, know the consequence, this is the risk of working with me," said the President.

    In West Java itself, 50 to 60 thousand land certificates are issued annually. In 2017, Jokowi wants the number to reach 370 thousand certificates issued until the end of this year.

    "This year I set a target of 370 thousand certificates that must be given, do not make it complicated, next year 500 thousand should be given in West Java," he said.

    Jokowi also encourages BPN offices in the Regencies/Cities to work faster in issuing certificates.

    "Do not process certificates for years, I will monitor it if the process takes long," he said.

    Currently, 6.3 of 19.8 million plots of land in West Java have been certified by the government.

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