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    Aher's Hopes to the Regent Election Winner


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan commend to the district to the regent election winner in the simultaneous election in 2015. The regent and vice regent winner must always keep and bring progress in their region.

    Aher say, whoever the winner must bring in more advanced in their regions, then also constantly strengthen the economy for the society welfare, especially the need to improve health care and education.

    According to him, as a granary in Karawang shouldn’t be more conversion of agricultural land into industrial land massively, although there is a change in the pattern of society which leads to increasingly in economic welfare.

    "The pattern of economic change from farmers into industry can not be avoided, though the important is economic influence society becomes more advanced. But I hope Karawang remains become the granary and no more agricultural land conversion," he said in Bandung, Thursday (10/12) ,

    According to him, the conversion of agricultural land certainly impacted on decreasing rice production, and it should be thinking ahead on how production increased.

    "Now one hectare of rice fields capable of producing six tons, as much as possible by the conversion of rice production should be 10 tonnes each hectare. There should be a balance between farmers and industrial society," he said.

    Governor of West Java is also entrust the new regent that locally derived revenue (PAD) should be increased by utilising the potential of each region.

    “Region who has tourism potential should immediately maximise it. The potential of any field should also be maximised, because it related to the advancement of West Java," he said.

    He hoped that the candidate who wins in this election could fulfil their promise to community for more prosperous in his/her region and West Java generally.

    "I also congratulate to the winners in these simultaneous elections," he said.

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