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    West Java Musrenbang 2018: Synchronize All Elements of RKP!


    BANDUNG-The peak of the discussion of West Java Provincial Development Planning in 2018 was held today. The discussion led by West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan was attended by minister of home affairs Thajo Kumolo and minister of utilization state apparatus and bureaucracy reform, Asman Abnur.

    West Java provincial governor Ahmad Heryawan said that the main discussion of Musrenbang more emphasized on the alignment of government work plan (RKP) between central government, provincial government, and district/city governments.

    "At the end of the year of RKPD 2018 will be finishing all governor's mandates obtained in RPJMD including his promises during his campaign, that support the vision of west java development to be outstanding and prosperous leading to independent society" said Ahmad Heryawan at Dago Intercontinental Hotel, on Thursday, in Bandung (13/04/2017).

    To support democratic values, the dialogue held is participative with bottom up, top down, technocratic and politic approaches from village level to provincial level.

    The governor also explained that the discussion of regional government work planning (RKPD) year 2018 is the last development stage in the period of regional medium-term development (RPJMD) 2013-2018.

    During the dialogue, a number of actualized programs of West Java Province were presented by Governor Aher. From the perspective of the economic realization, the growth rate of the economic in 2016 is 5,67 percent which is above national average that was 5,02 percent, while the inflation in West Java Province is 2,75%.

    Meanwhile in other economic fields, such as Gross Fixed Capital Formation at Current Prices (PMTB) is more than IDR 412 trillion. Per Capita PDRB of West Java increased from IDR 25,84 million in 2015 to IDR 26,92 million in 2016.

    Poverty in West Java inclined from 9,57% in 2015 to 8,77% in 2016. Meanwhile national poverty also inclined from 11,13% in 2015 to 10,70% in 2016" he said.

    "Meanwhile the number of unemployed people in West Java in 2015 is 8,72%, national 6,18%, and in 2016 the number in West Java is 8,89%, national 5,61%" he added. 

    Although the unemployment percentage in West Java is under national percentage, but it is absolutely high since it is equal to 4 million people considering west Java people are the biggest in numbers in Indonesia.

    As for human development in 2016, the index reached 70,19 points comprising educational index 61,39 points, health index 81,05 points. The percapita expense reached more than IDR 9,8 million or 69,51 points.

    In this Musrenbang, the governor also explained several development challenges in 2018. One of the real challenges is economic globalization that urges increasing competitiveness of human resources and productivity as well as production quality. Whereas the challenges come with the increasing number of West Java people that already reached 47.379.389 people

    Based on the condition and challenges for the 2018 development, the following are 11 priorities of development:
    1.    Access and Quality of Education and Religions.
    2.    Access and Quality of Health Service.
    3.    The provision of basic services for settlement infrastructure in urban and rural areas.
    4.    Improvement of investment climate and business competitiveness and tourism
    5.    Improvement of food security of energy and water resources
    6.    The improvement of KUMKM building capacity and industrial competitiveness
    7.    Legal politics and governance
    8.    Natural resource management and disaster management
    9.    Poverty reduction
    10.    Improvement of regional spatial planning
    11.    Improvement of population quality.

    Aher further explained that to realize the 11 priorities, harmonization, synchrony and synergy need to be development between all government hierarchies that can realize the targets of RPJMD.

    In addition to that, Aher also asked all apparatus working in their relevant fields to always work hard and improve their integrity and loyalty in improving social welfare.

    Aher also mandated that the planning reformation will be realized through program follow results by considering regulation. The reformation budget will be based on work performance that will be allocated for programs that focus on real benefit and impacts (money follow program).

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