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    Aher's Appreciation of West Java KPU for Giving Attention to People with Disabilities


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heyawan greatly appreciates the work of West Java General Elections Commission (KPU Jabar) that have specifically held a workshop on the technical procedure for voters with disabilities which was attended by KPU from Regency/City of West Java, on Thursday (04/13).

    "It's a professional job and at the same time a very good charity, providing an excellent opportunity for people with disabilities to exercise their voting rights as citizens," he said during the closing of Workshop on Assistive Checking Access Device Forms for Voters with Disabilities in the West Java KPU's Hall, Garut Street, Bandung.

    "It is indeed the duty of the Commission mandated by the Act, but if it was not implemented seriously, perhaps this event would not exist. Therefore, I hope that Allah may bless us with the smooth implementation of Regional Elections in West Java" said Aher.

    For one full day, Regional Election Commission of West Java (KPUD Jabar) held the workshop which was attended by all members of the KPU from Regency/City of West Java, and closed by the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. (Pun)

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