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    Bandung Regency Won The 2nd Best APN 2017


    BANDUNG- Government of Bandung Regency again won an award in the field of planning. This time, Pangripta Nusantara Award (APN) was received for the 2nd Best Regency with Document Planning category. Having previously won the 3rd Best Innovation, through Planning and Development Board (Bappeda) the first prize was achieved for the category of Regional Development Information System (SIPD) in 2016.

    West Java Governor H. Achmad Heryawan (Aher) informed, APN is given as an attempt to encourage each region (province, regency/city) in order to prepare a development plan document or the regional working plan (RKPD) in a consistent, better, comprehensive, measurable manners, and can be implemented.

    "APN, in addition to encouraging the performance of the government, is also to create incentives for regional governments in order to realize a better and quality development planning, with the goals are drafting methods and criteria used for development plan document, the implementation of the development plan document assessment, and the election of province, regency, city with the best development plan document based on the criteria that have been established," he explained.

    The APN was awarded by Aher to Vice Regent of Bandung H. Gun Gun Gunawan, S.Si., M.Si accompanied by Regional Secretary Ir. H. Sofian Nataprawira, MP in the event of Pangripta Nusantara Award 2017 which was held in Intercontinental Dago Hotel, Thursday (04/13).

    On that occasion, the Vice Regent of Bandung hoped that by achieving APN, they can improve the credibility of the area in the quality of development. According to him, APN has a great effect both politically and economically. For example, investors will have more trust in APN winner region as having a better development planning.

    "We are very proud and hoping that it becomes a motivation for Government of Bandung Regency, to get better and to always improve the existing achievements in order to be the best. At least, being able to maintain the achievements that have been received at this time," he said.

    Furthermore, the Vice Regent explained the best plan category is assessed by using ten parameters. They are the linkage between programs, consistency, completeness and depth, attachment, policy innovation, the planning process from the bottom (bottom-up), the planning process from the top (top-down), technocratic planning process, political planning process, innovative process and regional programs as well as the presentation and its contents.

    Being interviewed separately, Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser expressed his high appreciation for the award, because this year Bandung Regency once again won a fairly prestigious award in the field of development planning, despite only the second rank.

    "Congratulations on the achievement, this achievement definitely cannot be separated from the support of all parties, both Bappeda and all stakeholders involved in Musrenbang," he said.

    The Regent expects BAPPEDA as the leading sector of development plan to continue to improve performance in the innovation program, even if it is possible to achieve a better award both at the provincial and national level.

    "We hope that all the regional organization (OPD) will always make innovation in development, in which this year the program of 'Sabilulungan Raksa Desa' becomes one of the major mainstays in the development innovation that we already presented yesterday," said the Regent.

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