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    Garut Regency Achieved The Best Innovation Regency Title


    BANDUNG-The Regent of Garut, H. Rudy Gunawan, received the award of Anugerah Pangripta Nusantara (APN) Provincial Level of West Java 2017. The Governor of West Java deliverd the award directly and was witnessed by two ministers; the Minister of Home Affairs, Cahyo KUmolo, and Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Asman Abnur, at Intercontinental Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (13/4/2017). Garut regency was the only regency that received two awards at the same time as the Best Document Regency and the Best Innovation Regency in West Java 2017.

    The achievements complemented the same previous achievements in 2016. According to the result of the Assessment Team of West Java that assessed the Working Plan of Local Government (RKPD), Garut regency achieved two best category for the Best Document Regency and the Best Innovation Regency. The current achievement of the Best Document Regency was for the second time, but for the Best Innovation Regency was the first time for Garut regency.

    For the category of the Best Document Regency, Garut eliminated Bandung and Kuningan regencies. However, for the category of the Best Innovatoin Regency/City, Garut also eliminated Bandung and Depok cities. The delivery of the award was held at Development Planning Meeting (Munresbang) of West Java on April, 13th 2017.

    Through the achievement, Garut regency was assured to be the nominee to become the representative of West Java to be assessed by National Assessment Team on the level III and IV APN on National Level 2017. In 2016, Garut regency had been a nominator along with 16 other regencies/cities in Indonesia.

    The Regent of Garut, H. Rufy Gunawan, expressed his gratitude regarding the award. However, he reminded all of his staff to prove the awards they achieved through the best performance. All planning documents from village to regency level had innovation in them, he added, so the innovation must be proven through good execution. "I will monitor the extent of the implementation of planning documents, to be perceived by the society," he emphasised.

    APN was given as an effort to encourage each region (province, regency/city) to prepare their RKPD to be better, consistent, comprehensive, scalable, and can be implemented. In addition, to provide the incentive for the government in order to realise better and more qualified development planning.

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