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    Internal Affairs Minister Inaugurates West Java Province Development Plan Forum


    BANDUNG-Internal Affairs Minister Cahyo Kumolo inaugurated West Java Province Development Plan Forum, located in the main hall of Intercontinental Hotel Dago Resort, Thursday (13/4). The inauguration of Development Plan Forum marked with beating gongs by the Chairman of West Java Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari upon a direct request of Internal Affairs Minister.

    Cahyo Kumolo as Internal Affairs Minister in his speech expressed his appreciation of the West Java provincial government's performance over the results of the development that has been achieved so far. It is one of the top leadership of Governor Ahmad Heryawan who has led the West Java since eight years ago, he added.

    Although the elections in West Java still one more year, but if the elections in West Java held today, then I am sure, Ahmad Heryawan will be re-elected with 68% portion, joked Internal Affairs Minister. The statement pointed by Internal Affairs Minister on grounds survey / monitoring that is conducted during visits to West Java.

    Back in terms of development plan, said Minister, that Musrenbang activity is deliberation works of governor for the coming year which will be brought to national level Development Plan Forum in Jakarta. Therefore, I would expect the work plan will be a manifestation of the promises of the governor and the mayor / regent during the election campaign earlier. "I rate the governor's promises during the election campaign yet," 90% have been met ", when it is viewed from the development of West Java macro-economic indicators now, said Internal Minister.

    Then, the agreement of Development Plan Forum this time will be taken by the governor to the national level and will be synergy with Central Government Program "Nawa Cita"  work plan, obviously Internal Affairs Minister.

    Pertaining to "e-ID card", Internal Affairs Minister Cahyo Kumolo offered an apology for the delay so far. Such things as "we" record back on the number of residents who had filmed the e-ID card, obviously Internal Affairs Minister.

    Internal Affairs Minister explained that the citizen current number is 257.912.349 who has recorded demographic data by March 2017 is as much as 96.54% or 172.046.898 people, the remaining 3.56% or 6,160,452 people have not made the recording. Now, every year said internal affairs minister has scored 7 million blank provided by General Directorate of Population and Civil Registration of Internal Affairs Ministry.

    In the other part, direction of Minister of Internal Affairs to the participants of West Java province Development Plan Forum is a matter of corruption. "" Some of the critical points of corruption that often occurs is when the official travel activities, grants and social aid expenditures, procurement, reception area (retribution and taxes) and budget planning. Those Activities are "vulnerable areas to corruption" and we asked for avoiding any practices for corruption, said Internal Affairs Minister Cahyo Kumolo.

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