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    President Joko Widodo : Corruption Must be Resisted Together


    BANDUNG-Eradicating the corruption effectively, government must undertake bureaucratic reform steps and reform of public services and licensing. The working mechanism of bureaucratic reform should be aimed on establishment e-government, which include e-purchasing, e-catalogs, Cash Flow Management System, SIM Online and whistle blowing.

    It is thus an assertion by President in his written speech at the World Anti-Corruption Day Festival, which took place on Thursday (10/12) at Sabuga, Bandung read by Coordinating Minister for Politics, Luhut Panjaitan.

    According to the President, the key to eradicate corruption is by building e-gov to improve public services and strengthen transparency and accountability.

    To fight corruption, required measures comprehensive, where people have to fight against corruption. We should work together between institutions through synergy between the executive, legislative, and judicative. And more of that, it should supported by the exemplary leader.

    If we aren’t unite against corruption without synergy, it’s give a way to the corruptor.

    President described that the challenge ahead is very hard. “We are entering a new era of competition between countries. We will be beaten by another country if the corrupt behaviour still conduct massively and systematic. Corruption will hinder competition and impede vision competitive with other country,” said the President.

    Therefore, corruption can not be fought by one person or one institution. It should be a collective effort by 250 million people in Indonesia. Indonesian citizen should be unite against corruption, and it can started from the immediate environment.

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