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    Aher: 6,3 Million Plots of Land in West Java were Certified


    BANDUNG-There were 6,3 million plots of land in West Java that had been certified by the Government. The 1.998 certificates of the total were given directly by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), at the Event of Certificate Presentation of Land Rights of National Strategic, Coaching, Facilitation, and Access Reform Cooperation Programme of West Java Province 2017 at Graha Batununggal Indah, Soekarno-Hatta street, Bandung, Wednesday (12/4/2017).

    According to the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), who attended the event, said that the certification programme could help to encourage the welfare and prosperity of the citizen. Aher thought that the certification to be a step to improve and protect the people's land ownership laws.

    "It is become our hope, through National Strategic, Coaching, Facilitation, and Access Reform Cooperation Programme, the programme can encourage the welfare of people, because in the programme there is a spirit of agrarian reform, that can be realised through the realignment of control, ownership, use and utilization of agrarian resources (specifically land), which is implemented in order to achieve certainty and legal protection and justice and prosperity for all the people of Indonesia," said Aher in his speech.

    Aher added, the certification programme was a real manifestations of government towards the citizens, specifically the people of West Java in order to give the proof of land rights in the form of certificates.

    "I hope that by receiveing the certificates of land rights, all of you can get a sense of security, peace and determination, because since today all of you can be proven as the rightful land owners of the land you use now," said Aher.

    In this year, there were 384.500 plots of land certified in West Java or increased significantly from previous year which was just 70.000 something of certificates. Meanwhile, the target for next year is 500.000 plots of land will be certified in West Java.

    There were 1.998 people who received the certificates, they were from Bandung city (331 certificates), West Bandung regency (450 certificates), Bandung regency (200 certificates), Cimahi city (122 certificates), Sumedang regency (110 certificates), Purwakarta regency (280 certificates), Cianjur regency (125 certificates), Sukabumi regency (120 certificates), Sukabumi city (75 certificates), and Garut regency (175 certificates).

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