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    The Registration SBMPTN 2017 Is Officialy Opened



    BANDUNG-The Registration of Joint National Admission Selection Based on Written Test/Skill (SBMPTN) is opened in April 11th until May 5th 2017. The implementation of this selection is followed by graduated students from SMA/SMK/MA or equivalent from 2015, 2016, and 2017. For Local Comittee Region 34 Bandung is estimated will be followed by 45,373 participants.

    The Executive Secretary of Local Comittee of Region 34 Bandung, Azis Mahfuddin in the pers conference of SBMPTN at Information Center Building of ITB said that the target number of SBMPTN participants are 43,600 people from category of paper based test (PBT), and 2,135 people from computer based test (CBT).

    "The number of participants of CBT is increase than last year, and it is opened by 5 public universities in Region 34," he said, Wednesday (4/12).

    In this year, there are 6 public universities that open SBMPTN registration in Region 34, which are Padjadjaran University, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia University of Education, Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic Public University, Siliwangi University, and Institure of CUlture and Art Bandung. 5 public universities in sub-region Bandung, while one of them (Unsil) is located in sub-region of Tasikmalaya.

    In that ocassion, Unpad's Rectorate, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said that in this year, Unpad accepted 3,540 students from SBMPTN for 51 study programs in bachelor degree. The capacity of accepted students in Unpad whether from SNMPTN or SBMPTN in this years is decrease.

    "This decrease is due to the implementation of PSDKU Unpad-Pangandaran program that happens almost 2 years, and there is also a new program that we will managing Nursing Academy of the Government of Garut Regency," Unpad's Rectorate explained.

    For PSDKU program and bachelor appliend (Diploma IV), the rectorate has planned to do self-selection. However, the registration of those programs are expected to join or sign SBMPTN test first with one study program in Unpad.

    "It has been a provision from the Government, that self-selection will be expected to use the result or data from SBMPTN test. It will make it easier in doing the selection process because they have already had data," the rectorate explained.

    The registration of SBMPTN is started by filling the data that consists of name and date of birth on https://pendaftaran.sbmptn.ac.id/ in order to get payment slip of SBMPTN fee that contains with payment code that is needed for paying the selection.

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