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    Aher Accompanied Jokowi Handing Over KIP, KIS, PMT and PKH


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied President of Republic Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) handed over Indonesia Smart Card (KIP), Indonesia Health Card (KIS), Allocation of Additional Feeding (PMT), and Program of Family Expectation (PKH) to Bandung city citizens at Taman Pendawa field, on Pendawa Street Bandung city, Wednesday (4/12/2017).

    In her report, Minister of Health of Republic Indonesia, Nila F. Moeloek said that in that occassion were distributed 157 KIS, 250 KIP, Chasing Packet A, B, and C for 440 people which consisted of 100 packets for SMK, 239 PKH, each of them would receive IDR 1,890,000 annually, also PMT for todlers for 100 people, 100 pregnant women, and pre-school children for 100 people.

    Futhermore, Minister of Health Nila also revealed that the number of malnutrition in West Java, whether for short children and skinny todlers were in bellow national average rate. However, Nila also reminded that that number was still high according to WHO, while some of regencies or cities in West Java had been bellow that average rate of WHO.

    "For nutritional state in West Java Province, the number of malnutrition, short children, and skinny todlers are bellow the national average rate. It is considered good," Nila revealed in her report in front of the President Jokowi and the Governor Ahmad Heryawan that were welcomed with applause from citizens.

    The distribution of KIP and KIS, PKH and PMT has a purpose to improve quality of human resources. The President Jokowi said that he wanted that Indonesia children could compete with other foreign childern, so until recently the government focused on fixing quality of generation starting from pregnant women (children who are still in their mothers' wombs).

    Jokowi also emphasize that the application of Indonesia Health Card (KIS). For those citizens who have KIS, they have rights to get health services in a Community Health Centre or a Hospital. For that reason, Jokowi asked citizens who have already had KIS but still do not get proper treatment by a Community Health Centre or a Hospital to report it to the Government.

    "Because people who hold this card (KIS) don't mean that they didn't pay anything, citizens of course do not pay for anything, but the Government does. The Government pays the hospitals. BPJS pays to hospitals. So everything is paid. If the services are not well, and it keeps over and over again, then I will ask them to be removed," Jokowi said.

    In accordance with KIP, Jokowi asked for every student who got KIP to be able to use it properly for education program such as buying books, shoes, uniforms, bags, and many more. Through KIP, every students of elementary schools will receive money for IDR 450,000 each year, students of junior high school will receive money for IDR 750,000 each year, and also students of senior high school or vocational high school will receive IDR 1,000,000 annually.

    "It is forbidden to buy credits with that money. If you are caught buying credits with that money, then the card will be revoked, we promise! Since it is given annually," Jokowi said.

    Meanwhile for PMT started from pregnant women, todlers, and pre-school children. The food is the biscuits with full nutrition have rules in serving until eating that. Jokowi said that the food was given as a form of long-term investation. For pregnant women with 1-3 month fetus, they just eat 2 biscuits per day, while the other with 4-9 month fetus eat 3 biscuits per day. While for 6-11 month todler, they eat 8 biscuits per day, for children which are 1-5 years old, they eat 12 biscuits per day, and for school-age children, they eat 6 biscuits per day.

    "Why do we give this? Becasue it is long-term investation, we grow it up now, but we can harvest it later in 30 or 40 years later. Becuase if fetus doesn't get treatment well, then our children will become not health and smart. The composition is already counted so it has high nutrition,"Jokowi said.

    For PKH, each family is given IDR 1,890,000. However, they can withdray money from bank that the Government has decided for four times. Citizens who receive PKH can withdraw IDR 500,000 at the first time. Jokowi revealed that PKH can't be used or saved as savings.

    "But, I have to remind, before withdraw it, you should have plan. For instance, to improve children's nutrition, education, funding small business. But it can be used to by cigarette for your hushbands, if you are caught, than your PKH will be revoked," Jokowi concluded.

    The distribution of KIP, KIS, PMT and PKH are working agenda of President Jokowi in 2 days while he is in West Java. Moreover, in the first day, Jokowi's visitation is to observe Teras Cihampelas Bandung City, and also to hand over land certificate in Batununggal, Buah Batu, Bandung City. The 2nd day agenda, Jokowi will visit Cirebon City and Regency to hand over KIP, KIS, PMT, and PKH, and also to meet leaders and scholars from Cirebon.

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