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    Jokowi Will Hand Over 15,000 Land Cerificates in Bandung


    BANDUNG-The President of Republic Indonesia Joko Widodo will hand over 15,000 land certificates during his visitation to Bandung, this Wednesday (4/12).

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said that the President handed over certificates over land rights of national strategic program, founding, facilitating and cooperating on reform access 2017 of West Java in at Batununggal, Bandung. "These certificates are a part of Program of Registration of Complete Systemathical Lands [PTSL] BPN in 27 regencies/cities in West Java, there are 15,000 certificates which will be handed over," he said in Bandung.

    According to him during this program, West Java will be a province with the highest target of resolving land issues, it has been targeted that 384,500 of land fields in West Java will be done in the end of 2017. There will be three cities that will join PTSL fully, they are Bandung city, Sukabumi city, and Cimahi city. It has been targeted 93,000 certificates for Bandung City, 40,000 certificates for Cimahi City, and 11,000 for Sukabumi CIty. "Thankfuly, Mr. President will hand over the certificates to citizens and the representatives today in Bandung city," he said.

    According to him PTSL program which is supported by BPN with support from West Java Provincial Government gives many benefits for citizens. Starting from legal certainty about the status of land and ownership, also the benefits for small entrepreneurs. "It can be basic needs to get fund. All this time, small entrepreneurs own lands but they cannot use it since the lands haven't had certificates yet. It also makes the process of banking easier," he explained.

    For the Provincial Government, with many citizens' lands who have cerificates, it can make them controll of spatial planning easier. Iwa is thankful to all of Regional Secretaries from 27 regencies/cities who participate in helping this program. "In pinciple, we work based on instructions from Mr. President related with velocity," he said.

    At the same place, the Head of Regional Office of Land National Authority (BPN) of West Java Sri Mujitono mentioned that PTSL program as a part of Joko Widodo's program which is Nawa Cita.

    He explained that PTSL program in this year had been targeted to be able finishing 5 million certificates, then in 2018 for 7 million certificates, and in 2019 it was expected to be able to finish 9 million certificates in all of regions in Indonesia. "The target is 5 million certificates from Mr. President to BPN is a huge target. West Java is targeted will reach 384,500 land fields and we are ready to do it," he said.

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