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    KPK Auction the Confiscated Results


    BANDUNG - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will auction a number of items that included in confiscated results.

    Director of Education and Community Services Commission, Sujanarko said various types of confiscated goods will be auctioned on Friday (11/12) tomorrow.

    "Tomorrow at 14:00 pm will be held auction of confiscated goods ranging from gemstone with valued of millions to other luxury goods. Auction organisers itself not from the Commission, but from the Ministry of Finance so that the money directly submitted to the state,” he said.

    According to Sujanarko, mechanism of auction itself starts from the first day of registration and the participants are required to deposit a sum of money in appropriate to items will be auctioned.

    "Merchandise determined by the committee, including goods from the gratification with high value. There is value-added from this auction where people feel proud of of goods from the Commision,” he said.

    Confiscation of gratification was thought as awareness programs to the community, where each of acceptance by civil servants should be reported.

    “So it’s aimed in order to socialise the community," he concluded.

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