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    Palawa Unpad Has Finished Padjadjaran Nemangkawi Expedition


    BANDUNG-Palawa Team of Padjadjaran University had reached the top of Nemangkawi successfuly in the end of March. The highest point in Indonesia is in Cartensz Highland, Jayawijaya and it is one of world seven summits that is successfuly reached with the mission of applying the concept of 'zero waste mountaineering'.

    "The team's accomplisment is a dedication in remebering 35th anniversary of Palawa association that had been formed on March 24th 1982," Ichsan Lovano Pradewa, Wednesday (4/12).

    The climb has done to finish Padjadjaran Nemangkawi Expedition (EPN). The expidition that is entitled with "Adventure and Education" is one of events of Literacy Research in Suanggama Village that was held since November 2016. In that ocassion, the team consists of Ichsan Lovano Pradewa (Faculty of Social Science and Politics), Ronni Robinson Simbolon (Faculty of Cultural Study), Muhammad Ikhsan Rizky (Faculty of Geology) and Yandi Romadona (Faculty of Technology of Agricultural Industry).

    "During the climb, the road is full with heavy fog, so it is hard to see the road. We can only see for 10 up to 20 M," he said.

    Beside the oxygen that became thin and thiner when someone could not control their breath properly, hail with difficult terrain became challenges during the expedition.

    With applying the concept of 'zero waste mountaineering', the expedition did not produce any rubbish. The concept is focused on managing consumption so that the team could reduce things that were considered would be waste and changed it into re-useable container. 

    Moreover, based on the name of that expedition, team also had mission to introduce local name from the top of mountain that is 4,884 mdpl. The top of mountain that is often called as Cartensz Pyramid Highland has a local name which is "Nemangkawi". It is a language of Amungme Tribe.

    It has meaning as White Arrow because at that time, the top was covered with snow.

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