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    Aher Encourages Putri Indonesia Lingkungan 2017 to Campaign 'Loving Environment' Values


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said he is proud of Kevin Liliana as the representative of West Java who has won Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2017 (the 1st Runner Up of Puteri Indonesia 2017).

    This young woman from West Java, who was born in Bandung on January 5th, 1996, has also successfully won the Best Traditional Costume of Putri Indonesia 2017, and become the top 3 nomination of talented Puteri Indonesia 2017.

    Regarding the current position occupied by Kevin as Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2017, Governor Aher encourages the woman who lives in Gunung Batu area, to also vigorously nurture the values of loving the environment to the younger generation of West Java.

    "The task of the Runner Up of Putri Indonesia is the environment. Of course, we met with the point of our interest that is very broad. We want our environment to be always preserved," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan, in Lokantara Room, Sate Building, Tuesday (04/11/2017).

    "We're going to be partners, it's possible if the environmental campaign delivered by me, it will be less interesting. But if the one who campaigns it is Kevin by coming to schools, for example, it will be another story. What we expect is her 'influence', a Runner Up of Putri Indonesia will make a positive influence on the younger generation," he continued.

    In addition to environment generally, Aher also encourages Kevin to become an environment ambassador who cares about environmental issues in West Java which is closely related to the tourism potential. Therefore, in addition to the environmental campaign, Kevin will also introduce the tourism potential with the environmental 'basic' in West Java.

    Kevin is currently being prepared by Yayasan Puteri Indonesia to represent Indonesia in the Miss International 2017 in Japan next year. In that way, the Governor Aher gives moral support to Kevin.

    "There must be support from the Provincial Government, we are also grateful that the Runner Up of Putri Indonesia won by West Java. Kevin later will go to Tokyo for Miss International. Hopefully, it will going well. Inshaa Allah, we will establish partnerships and keep assisting," he said.

    Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2017, Kevin Liliana expressed her gratitude to the West Java Provincial Government and the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java for the support and welcome toward her achievement.

    "I'd like to thank the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, as well as the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java who have taken the time to welcome me," Kevin said.

    Kevin reveals that by her duties as Putri Indonesia Lingkungan, she is asked to be more vigilant to environmental issues which also include the environment that has the potential for tourism. She said that by protecting the environment, it will leave a good impression to tourists who visit tourist destinations owned by a particular area.

    "The duty as Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan is related to how we preserve the environment that also includes Indonesian culture and tourism, due to my position as Putri Indonesia Lingkungan," she said.

    For West Java, said Kevin, she said to be ready to provide support for the development of Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu Geopark in Sukabumi Regency. According to her, Ciletuh has natural resources which are still virgin and beautiful, such as waterfalls, cliffs, hills, coral reefs, and beaches. It is an environmental potential that needs to be maintained.

    Kevin said, protecting the environment and cleanliness will make a good impression to tourists so that the tourists will travel back to West Java. Even the beauty, security of a tourist area, should be able to make the tourists, especially foreign tourists 'hooked' by the natural and cultural wealth of West Java.

    "In West Java, what is being developed is Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu Geopark, it is one of the tourism that has great environmental potential, there are still many pristine natural resources," said Kevin.

    "There are social media to introduce it, but we need to provide a wonderful experience to tourists, one of them is by protecting nature and cleanliness around the tourist sites. We must guard it, so that tourists will not reluctantlty comeback to visit," she said.

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