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    Private Schools should be an Option: Aher


    BANDUNG - 3 out of 4 schools that represent West Java in National Healthy Schools Competition (LSS) are private schools. These schools are Ar-Rahman kindergarten in Depok, Mutiara Bunda Elementary School in Bandung and Islam Cendikia Junior High School in Cianjur.

    "Amazing, it means that private schools have now competed with public schools," said Aher during his speech when attending the event of awarding prize money, trophies and certificates to the winners of LSS in West Java provincial level at Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Tuesday (04/11).

    According to Aher, public perspective of private schools as a place where students who do not pass to the public schools are sent to, is only temporary. West Java Provincial Government has planned to make both public and private schools become main options. The Provincial Government is committed to improving the quality of public and private schools.

    "If you want a good and more expensive service that only can be afforded by particular persons, choose private schools. If you only have minimum standard, and not costly, then try public schools", Aher concluded. 

    Aher added that it is not fair if students choose private schools over public schools because they cannot access public schools, because it means that there are something wrong with the schools. Education is a right of citizens, and the state's obligation is to provide education.

    "If you want to take a part of what the state provides then you should, it is the citizens' right to get a decent, inexpensive and good-quality education, that is the concept," added Aher.

    The Provincial Government of West Java is committed to treating and paying attention to the private schools equally as what they give to public schools. Aher said that if private schools are not well managed and in a low quality, it will be bad for the national future children that mostly go to private schools. That is the determination of West Java Provincial Government, so that private schools are in the same level as public schools or even higher.

    Regarding the private schools, Aher further explained that current educational expenses will be shared equally. Universities are under the hand of central government, high schools and vocational schools under provinces, elementary and junior high schools under regencies/cities, while ibtidaiyah, tsanawiyah and aliyah are under Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag). However, the Provincial Government will still be handful to any school under Kemenag that needs assistance. They would be assisted as long as they are in West Java area, added Aher.

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