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    Government must be Firm in Dealing with Conventional and Online Transport



    2017-04-11 16:08:00 | AUTHOR : REP-MAT

    BANDUNG - Chairman of Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), Syarkawi Rauf urged the government to take a firm stance regarding the regulation of transportation services, especially related to online and conventional taxis. It is because the confusion between the conventional-based taxi businesses and online taxi could heat up in a number of major cities in Indonesia if the policy is not taken immediately.

    "Currently, the government policy for conventional and online transportation has not been equal. For example, regarding the obligations that must be met as transport requirements, such as tax and vehicle feasibility test," he told reporters on Tuesday (04/11/2017).

    According to him, a heavier obligation to conventional transportation causes difficulties for business players to compete with online transport services in terms of charging tariff. As a result, it is reasonable when there is a demand from conventional taxis to regulate online transport.

    "The policy in the transport services sector, the regulation used both for conventional and online transport should be the same. Therefore, all business players can compete with each other," he said.

    In addition to providing the equal regulation, he continued, the government must be firm in giving sanction to all businesses players that break the rules. Online transportation entrepreneurs and conventional transportation entrepreneurs should be equally given strict sanctions when breaking the rules. "In that way, all business players will get the same treatment," he said. (MAT)

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