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    In May, West Java to Target 60% Absorption of Unhusked Rice


    BANDUNG - West Java Bulog Regional Division stated that target of the absorption of unhusked rice from local farmers both non-quality unhusked and in accordance with Presidential Instruction, is to reach 60%.

    "The target is 1.3 million tons of unhusked rice until December 2017. Of the total, it's targeted to reach 20% in March, in April it's expected to be 40%, then in May it can reach 60%," said the Head of West Java Bulog Regional Division, Abdul Muis who told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (4/11/2017)

    Abdul Muis revealed that there are some problems occurring. For example, some farmers reluctantly sell their unhusked rice that are still valued as more expensive in the market. However, he considered the problems reasonable to occur.

    He said he is optimistic that the target charged to West Java Bulog can be realized by maximizing the absorption during the peak harvest in April, May, and June 2017.

    "I think it's normal, Bulog only absorbs 10%-12% of national production or 10%-15% of West Java's. The rest goes to the market mechanism," he informed. (MAT)

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