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    Aher Awards Prize Money to the Winners of Healthy Schools Competition


    BANDUNG - Prize money was awarded to the winners of the schools healthy competition, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung (04/11). West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan directly gave the prize money along with trophies and certificates to the winners of the healthy schools competition in the West Java Provincial Level 2016.

    "I'd like to express my highest appreciation for the efforts that have been made to bring a healthy school," said Aher.

    As a form of encouragement, Aher explained that every year at the regency/city, provincial and national level, it is held Healthy Schools Competition (LSS). Of all the levels, both kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high school, they will be given prize money as well as trophy and certificate.

    Aher added that the winner of each level will be given a task to give West Java a great name at the National Level Healthy Schools Competition (LSS) in 2017.

    "Hopefully, becoming a Champion", said Aher.

    In the healthy schools competition, there are several categories based on the level of competition, namely kindergartens, elementary/MI, junior high school/MTs and senior/vocational high school/MA.

    In the category of kindergarten, Ar-Rahman Kindergarten from Cinere Sub-district Depok City successfully becomes the 1st winner of West Java LSS in 2016. The 2nd place is won by Santa Ursula Kindergarten from Bandung Wetan Sub-district Bandung City. Bunga Bangsa Islamic School Kindergarten from Bekasi Timur Sub-district Bekasi City, Al-Mutazzam Islamic Integrated Kindergarten from Jalaksana Sub-district Kuningan Regency, and Joy Kids National Kindergarten from Tawang Sub-district Tasikmalaya City, came third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

    For the elementary school level, Mutiara Bunda Elementary School from Arcamanik Sub-district Bandung City won the 1st place. The 2nd position is won by Quantum Indonesia Elementary School from Jatisampurna Sub-district Bekasi City. Meanwhile, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th winners are SDN 1 Nagarasari from Cipedes Sub-district Tasikmalaya City, SDN Bojong Picung 2 Bojong Picung Sub-district Cianjur Regency, SDN 1 Cigadung from Cigadung Sub-district Kuningan Regency respectively.

    For the junior high school level, the 1st winner is Cendekia Islamic Integrated Junior High School from Karang Tengah Sub-district Cianjur Regency. The 2nd winner is SMPN 1 Lemah Abang from Lemah Abang Sub-district Cirebon Regency. Meanwhile, the winner of the 3rd and 4th place are SMPN 1 Banjar from Pataruman Sub-district Banjar City and SMPN 11 Cibereum Cibereum  Sub-district Tasikmalaya City respectively.

    As for senior high school level, the first winner is SMAN 3 Sukabumi from Cikole Sub-district, Sukabumi city. The 2nd winner is SMAN 1 Indramayu from Indramayu Sub-district, Indramayu Regency. Meanwhile, the 3rd winner is SMKN 6 Bandung from Gede Bage Sub-district Bandung city, the 4th winner is MAN Cimahi from Cimahi Selatan Sub-district Cimahi City, and the 5th winner is SMKN 1 Subang from Subang Sub-district Subang Regency.

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