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    Four Schools to Represent West Java at the National Level Healthy Schools Competition


    BANDUNG - Lomba Sekolah Sehat (LSS) or Healthy Schools Competition is an annual event held in several stages, starting from the sub-district level to the national level. It is a part of the promotion and development of health at schools/madrasah in order to encourage regency/city government and schools to improve the quality of education and students' learning achievements.

    It was delivered by Governmental and Social Welfare Assistant, Tatang Koesmayadi while giving a report in the event of Awarding Prize Money, Trophies and Certificates to the winners of the Healthy Schools Competition (LSS) of West Java 2016 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Tuesday (04/11). The event was also attended by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    "The first winners of the healthy schools competition are eligible for selection to represent West Java at the national level competition in 2017", said Koesmayadie.

    Schools from various levels entitled to represent West Java in the LSS at the national level are Ar-Rahman Kindergarten from Cinere Sub-district Depok City, Mutiara Bunda Elementary School from Arcamanik Sub-district Bandung City, Islam Terpadu Cendikia Junior High School from Karang Tengah Sub-district Cianjur Regency, and SMAN 3 Sukabumi from Cikole Sub-district Sukabumi Bandung City.

    According to Koesmayadie, the four schools representing West Java at the national level are schools that have participated in the LSS selection at BKPP and provincial level in 2016 by UKS coordinating team of West Java, followed by 108 schools from kindergarten, SD/MI, SMP/MTs and SMA/SMK/MA.

    Furthermore, 4 schools of each level are eligible for selection in LSS at the National Level in 2017 held on April 17-21, 2017, explained Koesmayadie.

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