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    My Appreciation for West Java Provincial Government Support: Kevin


    BANDUNG - Kevin Lilliana who has won the 1st Runner Up in the beauty pageant of Putri Indonesia 2017 (also known as Miss Universe Indonesia), shows her appreciation for Government of West Java Province, particularly to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) of West Java, that have supported her in the event.

    "I'd like to thank the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan and Disparbud that have accepted me and welcomed at Gedung Sate," she said.

    According to Kevin, the next task after she won the Crown of Putri Indonesia Lingkungan 2017 or Environment Ambassador, is promoting tourism and cultures of Indonesia to the world level, especially with regard to the environment.

    "As for in West Java, what currently being developed is Ciletuh Geopark, one area that embed environment where there are a lot of unspoiled natural resources in that area," she said.

    Kevin further explained, to promote decent areas known by public and the international society, it can be done through a variety of ways. One of them is via social media which are very effective today.

    "How we provide a wonderful experience to the tourists, so that they also want to share it with people in their own countries, to come and feel the beauty of West Java and Indonesia," he said.

    Kevin invites the entire society, especially for those who are in tourist areas to preserve the areas. Therefore, the tourists will come again to visit.

    "We have to take care of the area together, taking care not to litter, so that many tourists who’ve come will tell the beauty of our tourist attractions to others," said Kevin, after being welcomed by the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (04/11). (Parno)

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