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    The Interest of West Java Citizens towards Digital Services Increases


    BANDUNG - During 2016, the enthusiasm and customer adoption towards broadband and digital in West Java have increased significantly, with the growth of broadband and digital service penetration from Telkomsel reached up to 21%.

    The General Manager Customer Service Management of Telkomsel for Jabotakek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi) and West Java, Eko Suprapto, said that the achievement was supported by the growing and expanding leading network coverage of 4G LTE in Bandung city. Currently, there are 700 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) of 4G LTE in Bandung city, in which the three of them have covered Trans Studio Mall and its surroundings.

    "The enthusiasm and customer adoption towards broadband and digital services in West Java increase quite significantly," he said to reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (04/11/2017).

    Eko added that his company would be committed to the customers to providing digital services at GraPARI in Bandung Trans Studio Mall, with the nuance and concept of digital services where one of the services is the customers can reserve the GraPARI services through USSD Menu Browser (UMB) *888*188#. "The Telkomsel GraPARI at TSM is the 426th GraPARI in nationwide level and the 37th in West Java," he informed.

    In addition to selling the products of Telkomsel, card activation, internet data activation, HALO card bill payments, and device bundling, the company see a promising potential in the use of digital ecosystems by Bandung citizens that support their daily activities, as well as the development of Smart City concept that has been planned by the government of Bandung city.

    "The average number of customers every day is around 200, and the highest service proposed by the customers is the card change service, specifically the service of upgrading their cards into uSIM 4G LTE that reaches up to 50 customers every day," he said. (MAT).

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