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    Vice Governor Supports to Name RA Lasminingrat a National Hero


    GARUT - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar encourages the proposal to name Raden Ayu Lasminingrat as a National Hero. Deddy said that, in proposing RA Lasminingrat's nomination as a national hero, there is no need to rush. According to Deddy, data and evidence should be explored on an ongoing basis until it can be drawn to a valid conclusion.

    "I really appreciate the idea of this nomination, we fully support it," said West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar at Regol 7 and 10 Elementary Schools, Ranggalawe Street, Garut, Monday (04/10/2017).

    Furthermore, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar also calls on the Regional Title Research and Assessment Team (TP2GD) to continue to collect data on the archives of Netherlands, Russia, and wherever the data related to body of work of RA Lasminingrat is. It is done in order that the fact of her history can be justified scientifically.

    Chairman of RA Lasminingrat's nomination as national hero, Rani Permata Dicky Chandra hopes there are supports from all parties in order that the struggle of RA Lasminingrat who passed away in 1948, can be respected and appreciated.

    "First, we want every 10th of April to be set as Lasminingrat's Day. It's expected to respect her devotion and struggle for this country," she said.

    Rani further said, in 2010 they also has proposed the nomination but it has not generated any results.

    "We also want SDN Regol 7 and 10 which were built by Lasminingrat to be listed as a heritage," said Rani.

    Moreover, Rani along with cultural figures, artists, and the heirs of Raden Ayu Lasminingrat, hopes the name of RA Lasminingrat can also be the name of one of the roads in Garut.

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