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    Next Year, UNBK should be implemented 100 Percent


    GARUT- Vice Governor of West Java Province (Jabar) Dedy Mizwar said that Computer-Based National Exam (UNBK) next year will be implemented 100% by entire high school/MA and vocational schools .

    It was stated by the vice governor during his visit when monitoring UNBK implementation in two schools in Garut, on Monday (10/4)

    "We target that next year, this program must be held 100%. Facilitated schools can help those to set up their facilities," he said.

    He gave an example in Ciamis, the program is 100% implemented even though not all students or schools have computer facilities.

    But the problem can be overcome with mutual cooperation between SMA and SMK. This is because the UNBK schedule between SMA and SMK are different, so they can help each other.

    "If they still lack computer facilities, say there are only 50% available, the rest can be from the students, or borrow them from SMK. So they can help each other," he said.

    UNBK according to vice governor should be pursued because it will save the cost of a paper-based national exam. Jo

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