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    In 2018, The First Stage of Development is to create an Independent Community of West Java


    BANDUNG- In a Long Term Development Plan (RPJPD) of West Java Province Area in 2005 -2025, 2013 -2018 constitute to strengthen overall development phase, before entering the stage of achieving self-reliance in West Java in 2018-2023. Thus, in the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of West Java Province in the Year of 2013- 2018, 2018 is the initial stage of achieving independence.

    Related to this, Vice Governor of West Java Province, Deddy Mizwar at the Opening of Virtual Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang) of West Java Province in 2017, at the Meeting Room Soehoed Warnaen Bappeda building in West Java, on Ir. H. Juanda street No. 287 Bandung, on Monday (04/10/2017) explained the four strategic issues of West Java Province that will be overcome in 2018, they are as follows:

    A. Strategic Issues in Public Welfare aspects that include:
    1. Food Security; 2. Poverty and Disability Issues of Social Welfare; 3. Unemployment; and 4. Family Resilience.

    B. Strategic Issues in the aspects of Public Service, that include:
    1. Expanding Access of Educational quality; 2. Quality Improvement, Access and Health Care System; and 3. Strategic Infrastructure in Rural areas.

    C. Strategic Issues in Regional Competitiveness aspects, that include: 1. Accessibility, Quality, Competitiveness, Monitoring and Protection; 2. SME Development; 3. Youth Achievement in national and international scope; 4. local elections in 2018; 5. Apparatus Performance Accountability; 6. The development of Travel Destination, Art & Culture Center and Sports; and 7. Environmental and Spatial Planning.

    "Meanwhile, there are 10 drafts of National Priorities and Priority Programs in 2018, namely: Education; Health; Housing and Settlements; Business Promotion and Tourism development; Energy Security; Food Security; Poverty reduce; Infrastructure, Connectivity and maritime; Regional Development; and politics, Defense and Security," said the vice governor.

    Therefore based on these things, the theme of West Java Development for 2018 is "the Human Development Acceleration for Competitiveness Improvement Efforts towards Independent Community."

    Furthermore, Deddy Mizwar added that there are 11 Priorities of West Java Province Development in the year of 2018, namely: 1. Access and Quality of Education and Religions; 2. Access and Quality of Health Care; 3. Provision of Basic Services Settlement and Strategic Infrastructure in Urban and Rural areas; 4. Improvement of Investment Climate, Business and Tourism Competitiveness; 5. Improvement of Food Security, Energy, and Water Resources;

    Furthermore, 6. increasing Capacity for SMEs and Industrial Competitiveness; 7. Politics, Legal and Governance; 8. Management of Natural Resources, Environment and Disaster Management; 9. Poverty reduce; 10. Improvement of Regional Spatial Planning; 11. Population Quality Improvement.

    Virtual Musrenbang held today is the third held since 2015. Previously,  Musrenbang was held in each BKPP in West Java.

    "This Virtual Musrenbang is important and an integral part of all phases done in 2017," he said

    "Regarding these priorities, I'd like to invite all of us, particularly the Regents, Mayors, Councils, and all development stakeholders at district/municipality level, to jointly utilize this important forum to deliver our delivery of Programs for District/cities Development, referring to the results of the discussion of the stages from the previous ones, “said Deddy.

    According to Deddy, the list of priorities discussed at the time will be followed by further dialogue forums, and then synergized with the Provincial Development Priorities explained by him.

    The dialogue forums will be held simultaneously tomorrow on Tuesday by Provincial Assemblies Scope group and the expected output is the List of Proposed programs or Devices for Provincial Bureau. The Next based on the agenda will be Group's sessions on Wednesday with output expected is the List of Proposed programs for Districts/Cities.

    "Insya Allah, the results of all these stages will be presented at Musrenbang peak of West Java Province in 2017 that will be held on April 13, 2017. The main output expected from the summit of this Musrenbang forum is a deal of the Priority list  as material preparation of documents for RKPD of West Java province in 2018," said Deddy.

    "Through a strong commitment and efforts of the earnestness of all stakeholders, Inshaa Allah the success of Plan will be followed by Successful Implementation, that is characterized by the presence of the usefulness of development for regional progress and improvement of public welfare, that is in line with the vision of West Java" he said.

    There were also present the leaders and members of Provincial DPRD and Regencies/Cities in West Java, Heads of Planning Agency of West Java Province, Regents & vice Regents, Mayors & Deputy Mayors, Regional Secretary, Assistant, Senior Advisor, as well as Head of Regional Development Planning Agency of West Java

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