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    The Vice Governor of West Java Demiz, "Uphold the Neutrality and Objectivity"


    BANDUNG-The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Wagub Demiz) inaugurated the Judges of Tilawatil Quran Selcetion (STQ) XV West Java Provincial Level in 2017 at Nexa Hotel, in WR Supratman Street Number 66, Bandung city, Friday night (4/7/17). In his speech, Demiz suggested that the Judges should be able to assess with high neutrality and objectivity based on participants' competences.

    "I'd like to remind to all of Judges when doing your responsibilities to uphold the neutrality and objectivity on your assessment based on the truth, with sincere and patient," Demiz said.

    For that reason, the purpose of Quran Recitation is an effort to introduce and spread Al-Quran so that it can be preserved. At the same time, the event of Quran Recitation can be pure, transparent, and accountable. 

    There are 60 judges that will be inaugurated by the Head Fuad Wahab. The inauguration is based on the decision that is made by the General Head of Development of Tilawatil Quran Agency (LPTQ) of West Java Province Number: 451.15/Kep.1/LPTQ-JBR/III/2017 about the Judges of Tilawatil Quran Selection (STQ) XV West Java Provincial Level in 2017 which was estabished in Bandung, March 20th 2017.

    The scholars in the council of the Judges of STQ that has scientific competence in Al-QUran field whether in Recitation, Hifz, Interpretation, in accordance with group and requirement that have been established.

    STQ in West Java Provincial Level will be held in April 8-13th 2017. This event is the peak of any events that have been done starting from villages, sub-districts, until cities/regencies level. This event is held to decide the best of reader of Quran, Hafiz (memorizer Quran), Mussafir and Mussafirah that will be represented West Java in STQ of National Level.

    STQ is expected to encourage the spirit of Moslem people to learn and apply the message in Al-Quran. Thus, Al-Quran can be life guidelines in people's daily life.

    "Honestly, it is just an effort. The main goal is to have good morals as being stated in Al-Quran during our activities in daily life. So, it is not just for showing of the ability of reading, rebounding, and writing," Demiz said after the inauguration.

    "So with those stages, participants can appreciate it whether in writing, reading, and every thing," he concluded.

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