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    Conditionally the Provincial Government of West Java Issues 18 IUP and WIUP


    BANDUNG – West Java Provincial Government issues Permit of Mining Undertakings (IUP) and Area of Permit of Mining Undertakings (WIUP) for 18 applicants. It is an attempt on behalf of companies and individuals who apply for new IUP Operation Production (OP) or IUP OP renewals.

    It was decided in a plenary meeting of the Regional Spatial Management Coordination Board (BKPRD) of West Java Province held in the Papandayan Room, Sate Building, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Friday (04/07/17). Details of all 18 applicants, namely 3 new IUP OP and 3 IUP OP renewals 2016, 9 WIUP 2017, and 3 new OP 2017.

    The 9 WIUP are for Sukabumi (2 businesses), Bogor Regency (2), Garut Regency (2), Bandung Regency (1), Subang Regency (1), and Sumedang (1). Meanwhile, the new OP are for West Bandung Regency (2), Bogor Regency (1), Cianjur Regency (1), Cirebon Regency (1), and Sukabumi Regency (1). Then, the OP renewals are for West Bandung Regency (1), Bogor Regency (1), and Purwakarta Regency (1). Mining commodities are limestone, andesite, gravel, sand, and soil for land levelling.

    However, after the meeting the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said the mining license is given by a variety of considerations, including the requirements. For example, the planning of reclamation to restoring land that has been mined must be submitted by pictures and proof of tax payment.

    "There are various considerations that we have discussed, including the requirements. The one with incomplete requirement, we also include it. For instance, reclamation, the planning of reclamation must include pictures. Do not just submit in the form of sentence. It should be with a concept image and planning," said the Vice Governor.

    "Then the tax as well. Both renewals and new applications should be accompanied by NPWP (tax identification number) and proof of payment of tax that s/he (the applicant) pays. Do not renew it but not pay the taxes," he continued.

    The Vice Governor further explained that it is decided based on strict requirements. It is aimed for control and supervision of mining business. Therefore, the applicants must report their business activities conducted each month. If the business activity goes beyond the work plan that has been proposed, then they have to resubmit the licence.

    Later on, the West Java Provincial Government will also tighten up on the permits through appropriate requirements and SOP. In that way, if there is an applicant with incomplete requirements, the application will be immediately rejected.

    "Preview the document first, if it's not possible, it's rejected. Do not force to submit to BKPRD, reject it. If the document lacks of any kind of things or should be modified, let them know (the applicants). The ones that are already clear and clean can be submitted to the BPRD. So, it's not complicated, employers also have the certainty, not to be suspended for a long time. From the first door has already been rejected (if the requirements are lacking)," said the Vice Governor.

    Moreover, on that occasion, the Vice Governor also asked for the coordination of inter-agency to be optimized. It is because according to him, many people complain that the licensing process remains slow.

    "The relationship between organizations, we discussed it also. Perhaps the delay is in organizations. Do not let the organizational relationships impede the process of licensing," said the Vice Governor.

    Regarding Condotel Sahid in Bandung, the Vice Governor: Perhaps There is Change in RDTR

    After the plenary meeting of BKPRD of West Java Province, the Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar also explained the process of Condotel Sahid construction in North Bandung Area (KBU), Ledeng Village, Cidadap  Sub-district, Bandung City. West Java Provincial Government has revoked the license on the condotel construction because it is located in the yellow zone or the area in which it is not allowed to construct any buildings as condotel.

    However, the revocation of the recommendation is withdrawn by the State Administration Court (PTUN) Bandung. According to the Vice Governor, the revocation will not be cancelled if the Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) does not change into the red zone.

    "Why did we (West Java Provincial Government) lose in PTUN?  Well, it's terrible. Though it (the zone) is yellow, condotel isn't allowed. From the last RDTR, perhaps the RDTR already changed into red. Who changed it then? Meaning that, it's allowed to build condotel," said the Vice Governor.

    "The commitment with the Province (West Java Provincial Government) is green (the zone). RDTR (based on) Regional Regulation (of Bandung City) is yellow. If the condotel is allowed by the PTUN, then it (zone) is red now. Who had change it?" he continued.

    Regarding the State Administration Court's decision, the Vice Governor said they will find out the current status of condotel area. If the status has changed into the red zone, then the Province would not file an appeal.

    "If it (the status of condotel area) has become red, why should lodge an appeal. It must be allowed. But the process of change (zone status) might become a legal issue. Later, what to be questioned is the process of change, what makes or the reason of the change process. Whether for the benefit of employers or others," he explained.

    Previously, the Government of West Java Province has issued a permit of recommendation on the condotel area, subject to corresponding RDTR of Bandung City. Based on the RDTR of Badung City, the region is declared to be in the yellow zone. Since it is inappropriate, the Government of West Java Province then revoked the license of the condotel construction recommendation.

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