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    Simultaneous Election Participants on 60% -70%


    KARAWANG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) predicts community’s participation on the regional elections in 2015 reached 60% to 70% of the final voters list.

    Aher when met on the sidelines of the observation to a number of polling stations (TPS) on Wednesday (12/09/2015), said in Karawang has reached 60%, especially when reviewing to polling station in Anggadita village, Karawang.

    He also received a report from District Pangandaran if the participant towards the elections reached about 70%, then Cianjur also in high numbers.

    "Hopefully participants in the polling stations that I visited could be a general picture of both the number of participants in Karawang and also in West Java as a whole," said Heryawan.

    There is other places could be even higher in participation, even there is area which reached up to 80% participation. So that participants to elections in West Java reached the target of 60% or 70% more.

    "Regional elections is a right not an obligation. So people could use their right or not, but it would be a pity if it is not used as the momentum for the future period," he said.

    On this occasion, the Governor of West Java had the opportunity to review seven polling stations in Karawang regency. Among the three polling stations in Sonar Bayavillage, Teluk Jambe district, Anggadita village, West Karawang, and also Panatayuda, Karawang regency.

    In general, the simultaneous elections in 2015 in West Java has been running smoothly until the voting. It’s currently in the counting process that had to be taken seriously, so that the security must be guarded.

    "One way of anticipation is not too long storing ballots in PPS, it must as soon as possible directly send to KPPS. Then immediately announced to the Election Commission to eliminate the risk of security disturbance,” said Heryawan.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Regional Police Mochgiyarto said, during the vote counting later it will conduct patrolling at some point. Then the crowd will be identified which worried to acts harmful during the vote counting process.

    "Our members will continue to cling securing ballot boxes, ranging from TPS to the Election Commission," he said.


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