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    Baby Arif Got the First Phase of Surgery


    BANDUNG-Through Sharing Happiness program, Rumah Zakat paid for Muhammad Zaenal Arifin's surgery, a baby born with heart defects. The program successfully collected donations as much as IDR 390 million which is then used for first phase of Arif's surgery. 

    "According to the doctor, his heart was not functioning properly because the baby's cardiac of left ventricle is very small, so the heart could not work properly. The blood vessels that connect to the heart to supply oxygen and blood could not grow either, that hampered the circulation of oxygen to other organs," said Shihab, a Volunteer of Zakat House in Bandung, on Thursday (6/4).

    Due to these conditions, Arif had to undergo intensive treatment and perform open-heart surgery several times. Despite of his age, which is less than one year, the doctor advised to undergo the heart surgery in 3 phases.

    Arif was born from a lower class family; his father is a casual worker with irregular income. The surgery costs are not cheap; each surgery might cost IDR 100 million. The cost does not include the cost of medication and intensive care.

    "Recently, Arif is being hospitalized at RSCM under the care of a specialist. His health began to improve, the heart can now function although not 100 percent normal and still in need of some medical equipment to support his life. The treatment for Arif will continue until he is able to live a normal life like other babies," said Shihab. jo

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