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    Legislator Affirms Pancasila as National Ideology


    BANDUNG- The Commission 8's Member of Democratic Party Parliament, Dwi Astuti Wulandari appreciated the permission to develop a community-based ideology. However, it still must be based on Pancasila as national ideology and national identity.

    It was stated by Dwi is a public discussion entitled "Pluralism of Religion In The Fundamentalism In Indonesia Community Level", on Thursday (4/6/2017)

    According to Dwi, Indonesia's pluralism is in a vulnerable condition that may cause a split. That happens due to the dilution of Pancasila values in people life.

    "The government has to supervise and act, we as the legislature always remind people of the four pillars of Pancasila and urge family as the last bastion of nation to teach their children Unity in Diversity in order to understand differences," he said.

    The discussion held by the Division of Foreign Affairs of Democratic Party cooperated with a non-profit institution from Germany, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung. The event invited enthusiasm among its participants, that involved students, professors, community organizations, Democrat politicians.

    The keynote speaker is a Lecturer of Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities in University of Indonesia, Rocky Gerung.

    Rocky said the political situation in Indonesia is in a darkness era. "Being in the dark since fundamentalist is applied in all aspects. We want democracy, but we embrace fundamentalist," This is in line with the views of German political theoretician/philosopher Hannah Arendt, in her book, "Man in the Dark Times." He said.

    The visible fundamentalists of the day are nationalists and religious people. High position makes people blind to think globally. In fact, he said, Indonesian nation with all its diversity has brilliance in pluralism.

    "Think plural like Bung Karno. Bung Karno packed all thoughts from Europe, the Middle East, Majapahit and Sriwijaya into Pancasila," he concluded. (MAT)

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