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    Metro Kapsul Prototypes is placed in Bandung Square City


    BANDUNG- For those who want to know about the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Metro Capsules that is planned to be operated as an alternative mode of transportation in Bandung, can see a prototype of this LRT in Bandung Square Town, precisely at Asian-African road next to city bus stop.

    The capsule Metro project is a pilot project carried out using the latest technology of domestic work that is considered cheaper than general price of LRT.

    This LRT technology that will be operated in Bandung only costs IDR 150 billion per carriage than the usual LRT carriage that could reach IDR 400 billion.

    According to the plan, this project will be undertaken by the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) PP, they were appointed directly by the Decree of President and the first phase is planned to be carried out along 6 km of Bandung station to Dalem Kaum Street.

    If the development of the alternative transportation modes will successfully reduce congestion and can be accepted by public, then the route will be extended to other areas. (Parno)

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