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    Animal Husbandry Department Encourages People to Register their Pets


    BANDUNG- Head of Animal Husbandry Department (Disnak) of West Java, Dody Firman urged people who own pets, especially dogs to register them to anticipate rabies.

    In addition, West Java Disnak will record pets owned by citizens. In the future the pet will have a special identity.
    "We are encouraging people to register their pets in order to know their health condition, so they will not transmit any disease to humans," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (5/4/2017)
    Dody mentioned several areas in West Java, where hydrophobia or rabies are still found in Sukabumi, that transmitted disease to people.
    "Many victims of the rabies bites are still around," he said.

    To anticipate this, West Java Disnak has sent out their rabies control team consisting of the department officers and officers from central Veterinary Institute in coordination with local village officials.
    "The goal is to reduce the mad dogs that are still around in residential areas," he concluded. (MAT)

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