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    TMDD of Dadap Village was Innaugurated by the Governor


    INDRAMAYU-The 98th TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMDD) in 2017 in Dadap village, Jutinyuat sub-district was innaugurated Wednesday (5/4/2017). The innauguration was directly opened by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, through a ceremony at local soccer field.

    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, in his mandate said that the TMDD programme is a collaboration between Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and the Government, which was held together with the citizens to achieve unity. In addition, TMDD also a breakthrough in order to achieve the acceleration of the development in rural villages, for the aim of TMDD is to penetrate the isolation of a region and community.

    "The implementation of the unity of TNI, government and the society in TMDD programme is to maintain the dynamic in developing rural villages, specifically the target that directly related with the needs of the society," he said.

    This was part of the government's effort to resurrect and strengthen the public confidence in its ability, and also did several steps in order to improve the availability and quality of infrastructure specifically in rural villages to improve public welfare.

    Meanwhile, the Regent of Indramayu regency, Hj. Anna Sophanah, said that TMDD was expected to change the village for the better condition. This was expected due to there are several programme that would be applied in the villages whether it is infrastructure or the development of non-physical such as training.

    "Up to this time the condition in Dadap village that is located in coastal area is worrying because there are so many trash and others. Thus, we hope with TMDD the negative infrastructure, culture, and behaviour of the people can change," she emphasised.

    There were programmes that will be applied in the village, for example the programme to apply hotmix asphalt on road, rehabilitate the bridge shaft, normalise irrigation channel, construct farm level irrigation networks (JITUT), street lighting (PJU), and provide sport facilitates, road repairs, rehabilitate uninhabitable houses, counstruct security posts (pos kamling), etc.

    Meanwhile for the non-physical events are counseling regarding HIV/AIDS, fish processing training, procurement of nets for fishing, contraceptive services and fostering family resilience, socialisation regarding cultural tourism, socialisation regarding human trafficking and domestic violence (KDRT), automotive-based training, internet networking and video documentation training, domestic industry training, and etc.

    In that occasion was also celebrated by Tentara Cilik Indramayu (TCD), Marching Band from Institute of Public Administration (IPDN), and the event was closed by the skydiving performance from Kopassus of TNI, and also acrobatic helicopter. DENI SENJAYA/ Communication and Informatics Department of Indramayu regency.

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