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    Demiz: West Java Ambassador Forum to Market and Look for Investors for West Java


    BANDUNG-In 2016, the rate of economic growth of West Java increased quite significant compared to other provinces. The achievement was also accopmanied by the controlled inflation with 2,75% and the rate of poverty in West Java also decreased from 9,53% to 8,77%. Moreover, the strong consumption of society and the investment activity that began to improve became the two important things in supporting the economic growth of West Java.

    The matter was stated by the Vice Governor, Demiz, when he was delivering his speech at West Java Ambassador Forum at west hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (5/4). The West Java Ambassador Forum event was attended by ambassadors from several allies of Indonesia, the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bank of Indonesia (BI)'s West Java representatives officer and mayors/regents in West Java.

    "How we market West Java to get investment especially from foreign parties, that's why we also invited the ambassadors and the mayors/regents so they can offer the potential of each region," Demiz said.

    Demiz also added that the existence of West Java Incorporated which is managed by Bank od Indonesia is aimed to get the potentials from regions in West Java such as highway and airport construction, and tourism development to get investment, specifically from foreign investors.

    According to Demiz, West Java Incorporated was not running smoothly due to the difficulties in obtaining data of potentials in each city/regency because the region did not list them. Therefore, Bank of Indonesia as the manager of West Java Incorporated used their own funds to find data of potentials in each region in West Java.

    It was explained by the Vice Governor of West Java, Demiz, according to the data from Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) rgearding the investment in West Java in 2016, West Java became the destination for the largest foreign investment in Indonesia with the investment of 5,47 billion USD. West Java also became the highest domestic investment number 2 in Indonesia with the investment of 30,36 billion IDR.

    Cities/regencies that became the destinations of foreign investment (PMA) are Bekasi regency, Karawang regency, Bogor regency, Purwakarta regency, and Bekasi city and the foreign investors in West Java were mainly from Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Singapore, and Netherlands with the main investment on transportation, construction, housing, industrial machinery and electronics.

    Meanwhile, the destinations for domestic investment (PMDN) are Bekasi regency, Karawang regency, Bogor regency, Bekasi city, and Bandung city. In addition, West Java Provincial Government had just signed a big investment with Saudi Arabia after they surveyed arabica coffee plantation in Garut and land resort development / tourism complex in Sukabumi regency. Rgearding the land, the investors from Saudi Arabia had expressed their interests and and will conduct follow-up visit in May 2017 to survey agricultural land, said Vice Governor, Demiz.

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