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    Rice Stable Price Tends to Fall


    BANDUNG-Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java had recorded that in March 2017, the Dry Grain Harvest (GKP) in West Java Farmers level were about IDR 4,233.06 per kg or it decreased for 0.38% than in February 2017 that was about IDR 4,238.99.

    Dried Paddy (GKG) in Farmers level decreased up to 2.40% from IDR 4,975.88 becames IDR 4,856.67 per kg, and for Paddy with Low Quality decrease up to 5.65% from IDR 3,993.90 became IDR 3,768.33 per kg.

    Moreover in March 2017, the average prices of rice in milling level was IDR 9,455.98 per kg or it decreased for 1.17% than in January 2017 that was recoreded for IDR 9,586.02. Based on fault (broken) rice, the premium quality of rice increased for 1.59% from IDR 9,936.49 became IDR 10,094.92, while Medium decreased up to 3.38% from IDR 9,334.09 became IDR 9,018.55, and Low Quality Rice decreased up to 10.75% from IDR 8,900.00 became IDR 7,942.86.

    The Head of Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java, Dony Herlando said that rice still became an important commponent in controlling inflation especially when Ramadhan and Eid Al-Fitr were coming.

    "The Government and other related parties should participate in controlling inflation and stabilizing commudity price," he emphasized.

    He said that Ramadhan and Eid Al-Fitr is inflation peak and it happens in every year. Still, there should be some ways to depress inflation.

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